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Colleges Stocking up!

Thrive Floristry and The Cambridge Flower School both stocking up on Foliage books.

Thank you to both Claire Cowling at Thrive Floristry and Sarah Clerke at The Cambridge Flower School for keeping their students well supplied with foliage books. Having seen some of their work on their social media sites, there are a lot of very talented and keen students out there. Great news for the industry. Keep up the good work!


The Cambridge Flower School
Thrive Floristry
Cut Flowers by Su Whale really is the reference book for florists, students and everyone who loves flowers. With succinct fact files on well-known blooms, it's the perfect way to familiarise yourself with the wonderful world of all things floral!
Rona Wheeldon - Founder of Flowerona, Writer & Trainer
April 2012
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