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Web Bundle for new students

Buy both books, signed by Su, plus bookmarks and pen.

If you are starting a new floristry course this term well done! It is a wonderful and fulfilling career. Both the Cut Flower and Cut Foliage books have been written by a florist with over 25 years experience in the industry with nearly 20,000 copies sold worldwide, don't start college without them!


Su has created a handbook that should be an essential piece of equipment for every floral art/floristry/gardening student in the world not to mention florists, flower arrangers, brides and hobbyists too. This little book covers more than 150 flower varieties in normal use for arranging and tells you about availability, vase life, tips on arranging in the home and suitability for weddings etc. We have watched in admiration as Su tackled this very necessary subject matter and have been privileged to watch the project's development. The photography by Mark Follon is quite superb!
Alison Bradley Fusion Flowers Magazine www.fusionflowers.com
August 2011
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