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New for 2019!
Houseplants:  A practical guide to their selection & care
Houseplants A practical guide to their selection & care £17.99
We are delighted to announce that we are adding a third book to our range, ‘Houseplants a Practical Guide to their Selection and Care’. Laid out in the same easy to use way as ‘Cut Flowers’ & ‘Cut Foliage’ our houseplant book features over 120 of the most popular green and flowering plants, Succulents, Cacti, Orchids and Bromeliads.

Arranged in alphabetical order of botanical names (with an index of common names at the back) each plant is photographed in full colour with comprehensive instructions on watering, light and temperature requirements, feeding, winter care and how to identify and deal with any problems.

To help the houseplant novice there are tips on houseplant care basics, followed by more detailed information on Bromeliads, Cacti, Ferns, Orchids, Palms and Succulents. There is advice on how to care for mixed planted designs, indoor bulbs and terrariums, plus a brief guide to composts and repotting. Two pages are devoted to the most common pests and diseases and there is a full glossary of botanical terms.

For the horticultural student, plant families and genus are included on each page, and the houseplants selected cover 95% of the current City & Guilds syllabus.

‘I am so thrilled to finally have my third book in print, it’s taken a while, but I feel that we now have a great trilogy of helpful, practical guides and I hope that the houseplant book will be as well received as ‘Cut Flowers’ & ‘Cut Foliage’. Su Whale, author and publisher.

Enjoy your flowers!
Su Whale
Introduction – Why have a houseplant?
Houseplant Care Basics
How to use this book
Botanical list from Abutilon to Zantedeschia
Houseplant Groups
Caring for Planted Designs
Composts and Repotting
Pests & Diseases

Click on the pictures below to see some seasonal sample pages from the book ...
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Thank you for producing two of the most useful books I have ever owned.
Vix Burniston, Floristry Student, Canterbury College
October 2015
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